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model  EQ9350CCQT
Overall Dimensions(mm) 13000×2500×3800,3600,3400 
 cargo box size(mm) 12900×2400×600,550 
Wheelbase(mm) 6680+1310+1310 
Gross Weight(kg) 58200
Curb Weight(kg) 8200
Loaded Weight(kg) 50000
Tire Size 12.00-20
axle loading 13t
  • Operator Comfort
      Very low noise, vibration and sound greatly reduced.
      3 grade absorption rubber used greatly reduced vibration felt.
      ROPS cab. Radio, defrosting glass, heater, AC included.
  • Reliability
      Powerful reliable Dongfeng Cummins engine.
      World-class parts used increases reliability and performance.
      Parts and service you can count on.
  • Ease of Maintenance
      Vibration system maintenance free.
      Easy engine access with lots of maintenance space.
      Engine cover hydraulically opens. Main points easily reachable
  • Built for Efficiency
      Anti skid differential brakes.
      Designed for powerful efficient soil compaction.
      Radiator at rear of cab reduces dust and increases heat dispersion.
      Meets EU stage I/EPA tier I emission requirements  ©2009-2011 Dongfeng Machinery Co., Ltd.All Rights Reserved
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